How to Write a Good Press Release & Get Free Advertising

The easiest way to get free advertising for your business is to write a good press release. A good press release can put your company on the front page of the business section in major newspapers. Your press release should tell a story that will make the editor’s job easy. Many times I have seen press releases that I have written show up in a newspaper verbatim as to what I wrote in the release. Why? The editor has a good story and does not have to do any work beyond pasting and cutting or rewriting.

Here is what I recommend:

  1. Headline – This is the most important portion of a press release. Grab the editor’s attention based on your headline and they will read more of your press release.
  2. Human Interest Story – Incorporate a human interest story into the press release. Describe a unique experience you have had and why it has led you to your business idea or product. Sell your passion and vision.
  3. Have other people proof read your press release and provide ideas on how to bolster your news story.
  4. Fax your press release to every newspaper in your local area. I have emailed press releases but have never received a good response. It is too easy to simply delete your email. Test the news release in the local area and see if it gets published in your local newspaper. If it does well locally, try sending to newspapers out of your local area. Many times a good press release can be sent to every newspaper you can find and it will get written into newspapers across the country.

Many newspapers have space left in their newspapers that has to be filled with content before it goes to press. Some newspapers keep press releases (a well written mini-story) in files just as fillers for when they need to fill the paper. This is also called remnant space.

After I learned how to write a good press release for my business and saw its success I employed the same writing techniques while I was employed with my “real job” as a Federal Agent. I made boring white collar crime cases into media sensations by writing good press releases with the prosecutors when my cases resulted in convictions. Cases that would normally not show up in the newspaper were being featured in articles across the United States. This not only made good news but it also got me noticed by my supervisors. If you know you have a good story it is OK to “toot your own horn.” It does work.

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