Tusken Raider Star Wars Costume

My son (age 8 when I made this costume) really liked the Star Wars movies. He asked me to make him a Star Wars costume for Halloween.  I found a website called Studio Creations. They have a complete guide on how to make an authentic looking Tusken Raider costume.  They also have a blow molded mask that we purchased from them to get the basic shape of the head.  The directions are really good but I made quite a few modifications to my son’s costume.  Why?  To keep the costs down.

Here is what I did different on his costume:

  1. The nose was made of clay. It was the type of clay you can buy at a craft store, mold it yourself, and bake in the oven to harden it.
  2. The points that come out of the head were bolts. I sawed off the threads at the end of the bolts and ground them down with a stone grinding tool. I then glued the bolt heads to washers to make a base that could be easily glued to the head.
  3. The tusks that stick out from the face below the eyes were made of two black pens. I used only half of the pens and glued 9MM casing shells onto the pens to give it the silver looking ends.
  4. We chose to not put on a respirator. We thought the costume looked good enough without it.
  5. Instead of a Gaffi stick my son used his Star Wars® laser gun as the weapon.
  6. We did not match the color of the clothing exactly and bought what was on sale.
  7. The mouth was made of a Vinyl colored cloth.
  8. We used an old pair of cowboy boots and glues the same material we put on the head to the boots.

Tusken Raider Halloween Costume


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