Did Some Federal Lawmakers Participate in Tax Evasion During Campaigns?

  How many state and federal campaigns purchased items from AMAZON and actually tracked and paid the “use tax” owed on campaign purchases?  Campaigns often buy and transport Items across state lines, buy via Internet, transport items in-between different taxing jurisdictions (taxed low then brought into and “used” in high tax areas where the difference must be […]

Remember Your Oath to DEFEND the U.S. Constitution: Marketplace Fairness Act

According to R Street Institute a non-profit, non-partisan, public policy research organization (“think tank”) U.S. Rep. SCOTT RIGELL, R-Va., “is back at it again.” He is organizing a letter to the House Judiciary Committee urging them to report the Marketplace Fairness Act (MFA) aka Internet Sales Tax legislation out as soon as possible.  Yesterday I sent RIGELL a photo […]

Marketplace Fairness Act aka Internet Sales Tax Tweets to RT on Twitter

@SenatorDurbin @StandWithMainSt A picture is worth a thousand words. This is why #smallbix SUPPORTS #mfa pic.twitter.com/eOR74UoDBE — Internet Sales Tax (@EBlankets) May 14, 2014

Internet Sales Tax: Criminal and Civil Jurisdiction over Remote Sellers

IF THE MARKETPLACE FAIRNESS ACT (MFA) PASSES AS IS, HOW DOES THIS AFFECT A STATE’S ABILITY TO HAVE JURISDICTION OVER REMOTE SELLER’S ASSETS OR THE OWNERS / RESPONSIBLE PARTIES? Get in on the discussion on LinkedIn.  James Sutton of Florida Sales & Use Tax Controversy at Moffa Gainor & Sutton PA asked this question.  His […]

Use Tax Payments: Challenge to U.S. Congressman Steve Womack

STEVE WOMACK’s website says “Lead by Example/Lead from the Front.”  Lets see if he actually follows his motto. On February 14, 2013, U.S. Congressman STEVE WOMACK was the LEAD sponsor of H.R. 684, the Marketplace Fairness Act (MFA) of 2013, a bill that would allow states to charge and collect sales taxes on internet purchases outside of […]

Internet Sales Tax: Steve Womack Deceptive and Wrong AGAIN

Please take a moment to read Congressman Steve Womack’s press release dated July 18, 2013.  Womack continues to provide the public with deceptive and false information about the Marketplace Fairness Act  (MFA) aka Internet Sales Tax legislation.  Womack is the LEAD sponsor for this legislation.  His congressional district includes Wal-Mart’s corporate headquarters in Arkansas.  Please take a moment to read […]

Anti-Growth Tax Reform & UnFairness: Marketplace Fairness Act

Please take a moment to read an article titled Pro-Growth Tax and E-Fairness written by Arthur B. Laffer & Donna Arduin.  Read it before you read my response. Here is my response to the Laffer and Arduin report: Laffer and Arduin state: “It (the Marketplace Fairness Act) addresses a fundamental unfairness to small businesses around […]

Internet Sales Tax: Florida Car Dealers Beware

A GUEST POST in response to my article CAR DEALERS that sell ON-LINE:  Internet Sales Tax Will Require You to File Sales Tax Returns in 46 States James Sutton, CPA, Esq. Florida Sales & Use Tax Controversy at Moffa Gainor & Sutton PA Thanks Thomas.  Our firm (FloridaSalesTax.com) represents a LOT of car dealers in Florida, […]

Internet Sales Tax: Debate Heats Up

We need your help! DO SOMETHING. Here are three suggestions: The Internet Sales Tax Debate Heats Up – Here is a fun way of promoting NO Internet Sales Taxes.  Sign up for a chance to win an ELECTRIC BLANKET (get it? The Debate Heats Up).  When you enter the contest you can share the “No Internet Sales Tax […]

Marketplace Fairness Act: “Fairness” Suggestion to House Judiciary Committee

“What is “fair” for one might NOT be “fair” for another.” Is there a solution?  In May 2013 some members of the U.S. Senate voted to approve the deceptively named Marketplace Fairness Act (MFA). This Act would require “remote sellers” (Internet Retailers & Mail Order Companies) with over $1 million in “remote sales” to collect […]