Dan Schneider of the American Conservative Union is WRONG on #eFairness

Dan Schneider American Conservative Union

I recently read an article written by  DAN SCHNEIDER titled, “Will Congress give Alibaba a Green Light to Crush America’s Small Business?”  He is the executive director of the American Conservative Union.  In my opinion his organization lacks credibility read why here Marketplace Fairness Act: Fake Conservative Opinions are for Sale. Here is a quote from SCHNEIDER’s […]

My 8 Simple Steps to #eFairness

I encourage the United State Congressman who are drafting new legislation in 2015 to consider an alternative approach.  I would be happy to discuss my ideas on a broader basis but here is my solution boiled down to 8 steps (for retail sales). Here is my solution to #eFairness: All remote retail sales would be taxable at the “one […]

Top Ten Reasons why the Marketplace Fairness Act aka Internet Sales Tax is NOT FAIR!

Top Ten Reasons why the Marketplace Fairness Act (MFA, H.R. 684) is not fair! The law is not needed. According to James Gilmore III, the former Chairman of the Congressional Advisory Commission on Electronic Commerce, more than 80% of online sales tax is already or will soon be collected as large internet retailers have physical […]