The “Commission” on Presidential Debates is illegitimate

Commission on Presidential Debates Rigged

I received an email from the Libertarian Party of Minnesota.  This is the content of their email.  Please read and share. NOTE: While the actual election process of tabulating ballots is quite sound, the events leading up to Election Day are another matter entirely. The following op-ed commentary was submitted to the Star Tribune and […]

Former Federal Agent Endorses Gary Johnson for President

Gary Johnson for President

As a current business owner and former federal agent (Special Agent, U.S. Customs Service 1995 to 1997, Senior Special Agent, USDA-Office of Inspector General 1997-2006) I personally endorse Gary Johnson for the President of the United States of America.  I fought the war on drugs on the Southwest Border and investigated white collar crimes as […]

Internet Sales Tax: Debate Heats Up

We need your help! DO SOMETHING. Here are three suggestions: The Internet Sales Tax Debate Heats Up – Here is a fun way of promoting NO Internet Sales Taxes.  Sign up for a chance to win an ELECTRIC BLANKET (get it? The Debate Heats Up).  When you enter the contest you can share the “No Internet Sales Tax […]