Debate: Thomas Carlson vs David Campbell TaxCloud re Marketplace Fairness Act

Apparently TaxCloud owner David Campbell would like to debate me about the Marketplace Fairness Act.  I copied and pasted the debate so far from a closed LinkedIn group.  David feel free to debate me in the open here.  I will post all of your comments at the bottom of this page.  Also, anyone else can […]

U.S. Postal Service Loophole Gives China the Advantage in U.S. Ecommerce

IMPORTANT: Click Here To Read this Washington Times article, “The Postal Service is losing millions a year to help you buy cheap stuff from China.  After you read the article share it.  Also share this blog post and call your U.S. Senator and Congressman immediately. Apparently a Chinese based company can ship items to the United States at a […]

Alibaba IPO Changes the Game on the Internet Sales Tax Goes Public September 19, 2014 Apparently a Chinese based company can ship items to the United States at a lower cost than a U.S. Citizen or business can ship a package within the United States.  Our postal service has agreements (treaties) which subsidize foreign mail coming into the United States.  Read U.S. Postal Service Loophole […]

Walmart Executive Given Truth Serum: The Comedy of the Marketplace Fairness Act

I think this is the best video ever produced about the Marketplace unFairness Act. Marketplace Fairness Act Talk Show: Walmart Executive Given Truth Serum Admits @womack4congress legislation are lies — Internet Sales Tax (@EBlankets) September 5, 2014

Did Some Federal Lawmakers Participate in Tax Evasion During Campaigns?

  How many state and federal campaigns purchased items from AMAZON and actually tracked and paid the “use tax” owed on campaign purchases?  Campaigns often buy and transport Items across state lines, buy via Internet, transport items in-between different taxing jurisdictions (taxed low then brought into and “used” in high tax areas where the difference must be […]