Due Process OK for Criminals NOT for Remote Sellers #NoNetTax

Remote Seller Due Process

Were the  supporters of the Marketplace Fairness Act (MFA) looking the “other way” when it came to upholding the “due process” rights of remote sellers. The MFA has made me reflect on my former career as a federal agent.  After I arrested someone for a suspected crime I had to make sure I followed the “rules” when I […]

Dan Schneider of the American Conservative Union is WRONG on #eFairness

Dan Schneider American Conservative Union

I recently read an article written by  DAN SCHNEIDER titled, “Will Congress give Alibaba a Green Light to Crush America’s Small Business?”  He is the executive director of the American Conservative Union.  In my opinion his organization lacks credibility read why here Marketplace Fairness Act: Fake Conservative Opinions are for Sale. Here is a quote from SCHNEIDER’s […]

My 8 Simple Steps to #eFairness

I encourage the United State Congressman who are drafting new legislation in 2015 to consider an alternative approach.  I would be happy to discuss my ideas on a broader basis but here is my solution boiled down to 8 steps (for retail sales). Here is my solution to #eFairness: All remote retail sales would be taxable at the “one […]

Facts: Alibaba #efairness False Statements and the Internet Sales Tax

ALIBABA has become the imaginary NEW villain of #efairness proponents. The movie Alibaba and the 40 thieves come to my mind.  Articles are being written, videos are being produced all with the intent to add fear to the minds of those that dig no deeper into the issues.  Is it false information, deceptive propaganda or just spreading rumors to […]

Software Capabilities Overstated by 972 Days and Counting: Marketplace Fairness Act

On March 28, 2012, David Campbell, FedTax CEO & Co-Founder wrote and signed a letter to Governor Paul LePage of Maine that showed, in part: “In fact, using our TaxCloud service doesn’t require any resources at all, because it is completely free.” “Any retailer that uses an online “shopping cart” or order management system can […]

Debate: Thomas Carlson vs David Campbell TaxCloud re Marketplace Fairness Act

Apparently TaxCloud owner David Campbell would like to debate me about the Marketplace Fairness Act.  I copied and pasted the debate so far from a closed LinkedIn group.  David feel free to debate me in the open here.  I will post all of your comments at the bottom of this page.  Also, anyone else can […]

The EPIC Fail by @eFairness All U.S. Senators and Congressman Must Read This Now

“I think this is an EPIC FAIL by @eFairness advocate TaxCloud a Certified Software Provider (CSP).  This company keeps on writing letters to law makers on how wonderful tax collection could be if people just used their magical software.  The sales pitch is akin to selling snake oil of the past that cures all ailments.  Buy my […]

Simple Questions Shows How the Marketplace Fairness Act IS a NEW TAX

Will the Voter (your constituents – Senators & Congressman) believe this is a NEW TAX? YES – Therefore it is a new tax. Minnesota Department of Revenue – Items for Use Outside Minnesota According to the State of Minnesota publication, Items for Use Outside of Minnesota, it shows “Minnesota SALES TAX DOES NOT APPLY to items […]