Dan Schneider of the American Conservative Union is WRONG on #eFairness

Dan Schneider American Conservative Union

I recently read an article written by  DAN SCHNEIDER titled, “Will Congress give Alibaba a Green Light to Crush America’s Small Business?”  He is the executive director of the American Conservative Union.  In my opinion his organization lacks credibility read why here Marketplace Fairness Act: Fake Conservative Opinions are for Sale. Here is a quote from SCHNEIDER’s […]

Roxanne Christley is Wrong: The Marketplace Fairness Act is NOT the Conservative Solution

Today I read an article written by RoxAnne Christley (a purported conservative Republican and activist engaged in civic affairs) who expressed her support for the Marketplace Fairness Act aka Internet Sales Tax legislation.  Here is a link to the article she wrote, Christley, Taxes should be collected evenly Here is my response to her statements: Christley […]

Marketplace Fairness Act: FAKE Conservative Opinions ARE for Sale

  Back in 2010 an article in Politco titled, Exclusive: Conservative group offers support for $2M showed, “The American Conservative Union asked FedEx for a check for $2 million to $3 million in return for the group’s support in a bitter legislative dispute, then the group’s chairman flipped and sided with UPS after FedEx refused to pay.”  This article […]