STICKERS BRAND Non Slip Hospital Socks

I am excited to announce our new STICKERS™ BRAND Non Slip Hospital Socks.  We are expanding our selection of non slip socks to include a complete line of hospital socks that are also popular at trampoline parks.  These will be an economical alternative to our deluxe line of non slip socks we have been selling.  These socks will come in several sizes and colors to fit almost every size foot.  We will be launching this item in March 2015.  This is a sneak peek at one pair of the socks that are being manufactured.

Stickers BRAND Non Slip Socks

Our new hospital socks will feature a non slip bottom that will help eliminate slipping on hard floors.  These are great for hospitals, nursing homes, home care, trampoline parks or anywhere where a gripper sock is needed.  We will have these hospital socks in sizes up to a 14″ foot.

Several years ago I had hernia surgery.  Prior to the surgery I was provided a “cheap” pair of hospital socks.  The socks were similar to ones that my company had been selling for years.  At that point I decided to have our own style of high quality non slip socks developed.  I realized that the socks were basically disposable after a weeks worth of use.  Many of the socks that are featured on my companies webpage are the socks that we designed.

To view our complete line of hospital socks visit Assisted Living Store.

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