Starting a Pallet Recycling Business

For the last several years I have been collecting and selling used wood pallets.  The value of the pallets will fluctuate based on supply and demand.  At one point several years ago I received $3.00 each for my pallets and then the price sank to $2.00 and now it is up to $2.50.  These pallets are the 4’ x 4’ pallets.  Not all pallets are worth the same money.  Some smaller pallets you will only receive about $0.75 each.  They are usually not made of hardwood like the 4’x 4’ pallets.

Equipment needed to start your own pallet recycling business:   

  1. Either a truck or trailer that can be used to haul the pallets.
  2. Gloves so you do not get splinters.
  3. Ropes to tie the pallets down to the trailer.

Over the weekend I saw approximately 30 pallets sitting outside of a local outdoors-man retail business by the dumpster.  I did not collect the pallets because I was in the car with my family.  If I had I taken the time to go get my trailer I would have made about $82.50 by collecting the pallets and selling them to a pallet recycling company.  Most of the pallets I collect are from my own warehouse and the business located around my warehouse.  Most business will not take the time to haul their pallets to the recycling company 2 blocks away.

I do not keep the money that I receive for selling the pallets.  I give the money to my kids for spending money.  When my kids come to the warehouse they look around the neighboring business and we go get the pallets if they find them.  It teaches them how to make money and understand business.

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