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    ACT NOW! MULTI-STATE TAX AMNESTY FOR AMAZON FBA If you sell goods or services using Fulfillment by Amazon, a.k.a. Amazon FBA, then you have probably been losing sleep at night worrying about whether you should be registered to collect sales tax and pay income/franchise taxes in the various states where Amazon is holding your inventory. If you haven’t been losing sleep worrying about this, then you should ... Read more »
  • Florida Doc Stamp Taxes on Short Sales - TAA 08B4-006
    The housing market collapse hit millions of Americans very hard. Struggling to make ends meet, and underwater on their homes, many homeowners were forced to give up their family homes in an effort to avoid balloon payments, large mortgages, or the inevitable end of very low payments on interest only loans. Florida, particularly South Florida, was extremely hard hit by the housing bubble. Thankfully, the... Read more »
    SALES TAX NEXUS – FULFILLMENT BY AMAZON FBA You just decided to open your business on Amazon’s Fulfillment By Amazon (“FBA”) service. Congratulations! This step is huge for taking your business to the next level. But what Amazon, and possibly others, are not telling you involves the potential sales tax liability you created when using FBA. When you begin your relationship with Amazon to use the FBA... Read more »
    Florida gyms carry the weight of collecting and remitting Florida Sales Tax. Is your gym in good shape with Department of Revenue? Health clubs make up an industry with an estimated $81 billion in annual revenue, over 186,000 clubs worldwide. This business is comprised of a wide range of business models, from licensing deals, to independently owned studios, to industry giants with revenue over a billion... Read more »
  • Municipal Golf Course - New Sales Tax Exemption
    Purchases by Municipal Golf Courses Exempt Generally, sales made to the government, in its variety of forms, are exempt when the government pays the bill directly. However, in situations where the government reimburses someone who in turn pays the seller directly, those transactions are generally not exempt. But exceptions are made to this rule and the newest one is for something dear to the hearts of... Read more »

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