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Read the Latest News from Florida Sales Tax.  These articles come from an rss feed.  If you click on the links below you will be leaving this website:

    TALLAHASSEE: ONLY $2,500 SALES TAX = ARRESTED ON 12 COUNTS FOR FAILURE TO REMIT-FILE-PAY For business owners and managers, keeping up with filing and paying sales tax is one of those business responsibilities that you do NOT want to let go by the way side. Just as Jeffery Roach, the 55 year old manager of Bottoms Up Tally, who got thoroughly bitten in the nether regions... Read more »
    Imagine owning an online business. The business has inventory in several states via Amazon’s Fulfillment By Amazon (“FBA”) services. This inventory is stored in warehouses across the country base on Amazon’s prerogative. One day, you get a letter from the Florida Department of Revenue. The letter says that because you have nexus with Florida, you have to collect sales tax on sales to Florida customers.... Read more »
  • FL Auto Dealers: DOR Cherry-Picks Statutes to Over-Assess Auto Dealers
    When an audit is initiated against a car dealer, it can send owners scrambling for records of all kinds. From bad debts to out-of-state sales, there are countless documents from the three-year period that must be produced to the Department. The auditor’s goal is to take those documents, comb through them for every unintentional error or missed item, and compile a huge assessment against the... Read more »
  • Debtor's Prisons and Double Jeopardy in State Tax Prosecutions
    Debtor’s Prisons and Double Jeopardy in State Tax Prosecutions: The Department of Revenue Has A New Trick Up Its Sleeve. The term debtor’s prison tends to conjure up images straight out of Dickens. The United States abolished debtor’s prisons in the 1800’s. It is not a crime to owe money, issues of debt are resolved through the civil process. Unfortunately, when that money is owed to... Read more »
  • Tax Assessment Unenforceable Under Florida Law?
    WHEN A TAX ASSESSMENT IS UNENFORCEABLE UNDER FLORIDA LAW BY JAMES F.McAULEY[1] Florida law has a specific definition for the term “rule”. In the context of administrative law and state tax rulings, the term is defined as follows: "Rule means each agency statement of general applicability that implements, interprets, or prescribes law or policy or describes the procedure or practice requirements of an agency and includes any form... Read more »

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