Pillowcases Low Cost and Colorful

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Discount Pillowcases

One product line my company sells is pillowcases.  

We offer these pillowcases in packs of six mixed colors.  They are made of different blends of material and thread count.  Most of the pillowcases are 180 thread count or higher.  We call these second quality because they are sewn from end rolls of fabric and leftover pieces from larger runs of sheet sets. Basically, our overseas manufacturer takes left over lots of “scrap” fabric and sews them into pillowcases for my company.  Occasionally there might be a stain or smudge on the fabric but most are 1st quality.  We call them second quality to err on the side of caution.  These are great for home use, craft projects, or anything else imaginable when it comes to pillowcases.  These only come in a size that would fit a standard size pillowcase.

You can view our complete selection of pillowcases at our website Pillowcase.NET.

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