Minnesota Twins Game Free Tickets from FedEx

Last night my wife, son and I went to the Minnesota Twins vs. the Boston Red Sox game in downtown Minneapolis.  Our FedEx sales representative was also there he gave us free tickets to attend the game.  We were seated in section 121, row 8 which were real nice seats just up from the 3rd base.  I […]

How to land a job as a Federal Agent?

It was August 1997 and I was on drug surveillance along the southwest border of the United States.  We had been up all night watching and waiting for drug mules (people carrying drugs) to backpack their illegal cargo into the United States.  We had a perimeter of law enforcement surrounding the area where our informant […]

Mask Your Dates Body Language

I spent eleven years employed as a federal agent. Part of my training involved learning to read peoples body language. I attended the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers (FLETC) advanced interviewing course which focuses on body language analysis. One of the course objectives was to learn how to build rapport during an interview. If you […]

Tusken Raider Star Wars Costume

Tusken Raider Halloween Costume

My son (age 8 when I made this costume) really liked the Star Wars movies. He asked me to make him a Star Wars costume for Halloween.  I found a website called Studio Creations. They have a complete guide on how to make an authentic looking Tusken Raider costume.  They also have a blow molded mask that […]

20 Easy Money Saving Ideas

The U.S. banks are crumbing and housing values are still taking a dive. With all of the bad financial news today you might ask yourself, “How much worse will it get?” According to everything in the news it is going to get much worse. I have weekly email correspondence with manufacturers in China and they […]