Oppose Internet Sales Taxes: Learn What You Can Do

oppose internet saes taxes

You Can Help Make A Difference

Oppose Internet Taxes needs  your help to spread the word and inform Americans of the unfairness and injustice of Internet Sales Taxes. We Americans deserve to understand that taxing the Internet would not just cost us a great deal more money, but would also threaten our liberties.

The smaller online sellers that would be adversely affected have been battling without funds giant retailers and other big money interests that have lobbied Congress with over $100 million in 2013 alone.

However, at this time, we need your help!  Please make a contribution now so that Oppose Internet Taxes can immediately begin educating more Americans  through social media!  Americans would then be able to stand up and and protect their interests by demanding that the Internet remain tax free and unregulated!

If you can not make a donation, please share our funding effort on social media websites. We need everyone to come together and stop Internet taxation before it becomes law and/or sneaks through the FCC as a reclassification of Title II.

In all cases, please SIGN the petition to Kill Internet Taxes by visiting the website Oppose Internet Sales Tax

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