Former Federal Agent Endorses Gary Johnson for President

As a current business owner and former federal agent (Special Agent, U.S. Customs Service 1995 to 1997, Senior Special Agent, USDA-Office of Inspector General 1997-2006) I personally endorse Gary Johnson for the President of the United States of America.  I fought the war on drugs on the Southwest Border and investigated white collar crimes as they were related to many of the USDA farm programs.  I have been watching the election process this year closely and I find it disgusting how our society gets behind either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.  These candidates will not bring our country together they will divide it further.  Vote for Gary Johnson.

A vote for a third party candidate is not a wasted vote.  Lets just say Gary Johnson does not win this election, BUT he gets enough votes to give the third party a voice in FUTURE debates and elections.  Imagine waking up on November 9th and learning that 1/3rd of the population voted for a third party.  Do you think this would terrify the other parties?  I think both Democrats and Republicans do not want to allow any other voices to be heard because they do not want to allow any other party to gain any traction.

There is another choice. Please take a moment to visit The Johnson Weld 2016 website.

Gary Johnson for President


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