The FTC has rules for bloggers. ThomasCarlson.org tries to “monetize” (i.e. make money, basically break even) from its blog.  We offer quality content on various subjects and would like to be compensated for our writing.  We like to write but it does take a lot of time it is part of our job.  ThomasCarlson.org is owned by Assisted Living Store, Inc. (ALS) 199 Bridgepoint Drive, South Saint Paul, Minnesota 55075.  Thomas Carlson is the Vice-President of ALS.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing on ThomasCarlson.org works like this: We might have a product mentioned in an article.   In some articles we might have a link to the product or a related site for the product that we are affiliated with.  If you click on the link: (1)  we earn a commission on the sale.  This keeps is writing good articles for your reading enjoyment.  You support us by following the link and the retailer makes money from the sale.

We also have ads on the website such as Google ads.  If you click on the ads on our site we receive compensation from Google for the click.