Pillowcases Low Cost and Colorful

Discount Pillowcases

Available at Pillowcase.NET One product line my company sells is pillowcases.   We offer these pillowcases in packs of six mixed colors.  They are made of different blends of material and thread count.  Most of the pillowcases are 180 thread count or higher.  We call these second quality because they are sewn from end rolls […]

STICKERS BRAND Non Slip Hospital Socks

Stickers BRAND Non Slip Socks

I am excited to announce our new STICKERS™ BRAND Non Slip Hospital Socks.  We are expanding our selection of non slip socks to include a complete line of hospital socks that are also popular at trampoline parks.  These will be an economical alternative to our deluxe line of non slip socks we have been selling.  These […]

Closeout Cinch Sack Backpack

Back Pack

Advertise your business.  These are great for screen printing. Buy this at LaundryBags.com Last summer we imported a cinch sack backpack bag to add to our laundry bag selection.  THEY ARE A SLOW SELLER.  We are putting them on clearance.  Help us sell them before the new year. As low as $0.30 each: This is […]

Safety Idea: Slipping and Falling Over Non Slip Socks

Non Slip Hospital Socks

When was the last time you slipped and fell over?  Almost every year in the cold climate people are faced with possibility of slipping on ice on the sidewalks.  When Jack Frost blows in the cold air many people begin the daunting task of melting ice with salt to make their environment safer.  It seems like I am […]