The Marketplace Fairness Act: Welcome to this great VIRTUAL nation.

Welcome to the United States.  On behalf of the President of the United States and the American People, we welcome you to this great VIRTUAL nation.  Your VIRTUAL presence is welcome here.  You no longer have to come and have “physical presence” here to share in the American dream. A portion of this language comes from […]

Marketplace Place Fairness Act – The Real Impact of an Internet Sales Tax

This is the Face of a Mom & Pop Internet Company that the Marketplace Fairness Act  (MFA) will Crush… In 1999 I was employed as a Federal Agent.  I wanted to find a  way out of a career where I had supervisors and a job that controlled my life.  My wife had a Master’s Degree […]

20 Easy Money Saving Ideas

The U.S. banks are crumbing and housing values are still taking a dive. With all of the bad financial news today you might ask yourself, “How much worse will it get?” According to everything in the news it is going to get much worse. I have weekly email correspondence with manufacturers in China and they […]