Border Adjustment Tax: A List of Articles that Discuss the BAT

Investor’s Business Daily: A Tax At The Border Is Still A Tax On You? 1-27-17
Investor’s Business Daily: Why Tax Reform Could End In Tears For Trump And GOP  1-27-17
Investor’s Business Daily: Trump Tax Fears: Wal-Mart, Target, Macy’s Hit New Lows  1-27-17
Investor’s Business Daily: Boeing May Have Negative Tax Bill Under GOP Reform  1-27-17 [Boeing has 59% export revenue, so it won’t pay tax under BAT despite being wildly profitable.  No wonder they like it!]
Politico Pro: Trump Links Tax Reform, Border Wall In Speech  1-26-17
Politico Pro: ‘Premature’ To Say Border Adjustment Tax Plan Violates WTO Rules  1-26-17
Politico Pro: How A Tax Could Make Mexico Pay For The Wall  1-26-17
Politico Morning Tax: Is That An Endorsement?
Wall Street Journal: Trump’s Little Mexican War  1-27-17
Washington Examiner: Trump Forces GOP To Rethink Trade Policy  1-27-17
American Enterprise Institute: Fear The BAT (But Not Too Much)  1-26-17
CNBC: Squawk On The Street  1-26-17
CNBC: Power Lunch  1-26-17
CNBC: Closing Bell  1-26-17
Fox News: Fox & Friends  1-27-17
MSNBC: Morning Joe  1-27-17
MSNBC: Morning Joe  1-27-17
National Review: Ending the ‘Made in America Tax’  1-25-17
Politico: Brady Adamant ‘Border Adjustability’ Will Be Part Of Tax Reform  
American Action Forum: Tax Topics: Border-Adjustments And Off-Shoring  1-25-17
Roll Call: Oil Refiners Raise Concerns Over House GOP Tax Plan  
Investor’s Business Daily: Investors Would Pay For Corporate Tax Cut In New GOP Plan  1-25-17
Fox Business: Fred Smith On BAT 1-24-17
US Consumer Coalition: ICYMI: What is a Border Adjustment?  1-24-17
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Trump And The Scrambled Politics Of Trade  1-24-17


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