Border Adjustment Tax: A List of Articles that Discuss the BAT

Forbes: Congressman Peter Roskam And Tax Reform’s Big Moment 1-30-17 Investor’s Business Daily: A Tax At The Border Is Still A Tax On You? 1-27-17 New York Times: Howls Over Import Tax Complicate Plans To Overhaul Code 1-29-17 Breitbart: Koch Advocacy Group Hits Speaker Ryan’s ‘Buy American’ Tax Plan 1-29-17 Financial Review: Donald Trump’s Border Adjustment Tax ‘Could Send […]

The “Commission” on Presidential Debates is illegitimate

Commission on Presidential Debates Rigged

I received an email from the Libertarian Party of Minnesota.  This is the content of their email.  Please read and share. NOTE: While the actual election process of tabulating ballots is quite sound, the events leading up to Election Day are another matter entirely. The following op-ed commentary was submitted to the Star Tribune and […]

Former Federal Agent Endorses Gary Johnson for President

Gary Johnson for President

As a current business owner and former federal agent (Special Agent, U.S. Customs Service 1995 to 1997, Senior Special Agent, USDA-Office of Inspector General 1997-2006) I personally endorse Gary Johnson for the President of the United States of America.  I fought the war on drugs on the Southwest Border and investigated white collar crimes as […]

South Dakota Senator Deb Peters: Internet Sales Tax Debacle

SD Senator Deb Peters Internet Sales Tax Debacle

ALERT:  South Dakota PUBLICLY  OWNED Universities are NOT collecting sales taxes for OTHER states when people shop on their websites.  South Dakota lawmakers plan on filing lawsuits against businesses located outside of their state to force business owners to collect South Dakota sales taxes for them.  Apparently they think it is NOT fair that a business […]

The Remote Transaction Parity Act and Chinese Influence

Remote Transaction Parity Act

Written by Paul Bondsfield Here we go again- another piece of legislation aimed at “leveling the playing field” between online sellers and brick and mortar retailers. H.R. 2775 was recently introduced as the Remote Transaction Parity Act. A competing bill with the Marketplace Fairness Act of 2015(not to be confused with the Marketplace Fairness Act […]

How to Circumvent the Marketplace Fairness Act Small Seller Exemption Penalty

Free Sales Tax Illustration

The U.S. Senate is at it again…they introduced new legislation titled, “To restore States’ sovereign rights to enforce State and local sales and use tax laws, and for other purposes.”  Here is a link to the bill.  This legislation would allow a $1 million small seller exemption.  So basically if your “remote sales” are less […]