How to Start a Pallet Recycling Business

Pallet Recycling

Pallet Recycling

I had never heard of pallet recycling until I purchased my own warehouse several years ago. I decided to write this because I just made $145.75 in one hour and a half. I just sold 53 pallets.

What is a pallet? A pallet is defined as a platform that is made of either wood or plastic that is used to stack merchandise on for shipment of goods. It is designed so that a fork lift or pallet jack can be slid into it to easily move large heavy objects that are stacked onto the pallet.

How much is a pallet worth? It depends on supply and demand. The pallet buying company near me varies their prices between $2.00 and $3.00 for a 4’ x 4’ wood pallet.

How do I get started collecting pallets? Drive through the warehouse districts in your city with a pick-up truck or a trailer. Look for pallets stacked in front of warehouses. You can ask the business owner if you can take the pallets. Most of the time you don’t need to ask because they put them out so someone will take them.   I get pallets of adult bibs, laundry bags, and pillowcases in each week so I save my own pallets and also collect ones from the neighboring buildings.

Who do I sell my pallets to?
Look in the phone book under pallets or online in your area. In Minneapolis St. Paul for example there are over 60 pallet buying companies. If you live in a big city there is most likely one near by you.

Ths insude scoop is you can make a few extra dollars collecting items that companies throw away.  I sure wish I knew about this when I went to college. In an hours time I would have had enough money for gas and beer for the weekend by recycling pallets. High school kids can also take advantage of this simple recycling job.

I currently have my children help me with some of the warehouse work.  In return I give them the the money from the palets.  It is a good way to teach them about business and allow them to have spending money.

Good luck! I hope you give it a try. If you make some extra money from my advice email us on this site and let us know.

Tom Carlson, VP
Assisted Living Store, Inc.

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